Kiev aircraft carrier

Kiev aircraft carrier, which was built by the Soviet Union in 1970, was on service in 1975 and was released from military service in 1994. In 2000, the China bided success. Sailing 16,850 miles for 102 days ,the Retired "Kiev" arrived at the Tianjin port. In Tianjin, China, "Kiev"  was reborn. 

The fight number is 075, the length of ship is 273.1m, the width is 52.8m, the height is 61m, deck is dividing line of ship body,there are three floods islands above the deck and three floors rooms below deck for tourist. In our carrier, you can really experience the military culture. Weapons is the core of the carrier. You can see the real antisubmarine missile , basalt missile ,torpedo, Top knot radar ,Top sail radar, 76 mm artillery and so on. In 2016, We have started to build Aircraft carrier battle groups including destroyers, submarines and frigates. Meanwhile, we have been built Youth National Defense Education Bases and Expand training base .