Travel Guide
  • Self-driving route:

    Welcome to TEDA Aircraft Carrier theme park, and let's provide some transportation information for you. Are you ready? Let the mystery tour begin!

    Coming from Beijing:

    Guests can take the Beijing-Tianjin Expressway or Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway to the Park.

    Coming from Tianjin:

    Guests can take the Jinbin Expressway to the Park.

    Guests can navigate to the park's parking lot which charges a flat fee, and then start on a wonderful journey.

  • Guests can arrive at TEDA Aircraft Carrier theme park by Aircraft carrier special bus line 127/ Li Gao special bus line 127/ Yu Gang special bus line 127 / No. 939 / No. 972 / Aircraft carrier bus line 462, and you can walk for a few minutes to the theme park.

    01 Aircraft carrier special line 127

    Donghai Road Station- TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park Station

    02 Li Gao special line No. 127

    Beitang Bus Station-Li Gao Sunshine Coast

    03 Yu Gang special line No. 127 bus

    Beitang Bus Station-Zhongxin Yu Gang

    04 No. 939

    Binhai High Speed rail Station- Binhai North High Speed Rail Station

    05 No. 972

    National Maritime Museum Station- Binhai North High Speed Rail Station.

    06 Aircraft carrier line 462

    Weekend and Holiday Tianjin Station 8:00/9:00- Hangu Central Station14:00/15:00